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1.1. Load Geocode Data


You will always need to load the Geocode data set when you start a new geocoding session i.e. open a workbook.  This is the SA roads dataset that is used in LocateXL for geocoding.  

The first time you load the geocode data you have to set the directory path. To do this:  

Click the ‘Geocode Data’ button (1)

Click Open and browse to the directory where the geocode data is saved (C>LocateXL>Geocode Data) (2)

*Note, after having done this once, next time you can simply click the yellow folder icon (3) and it will automatically load your geocode data from the same directory.




After doing this, it will show in the ribbon that the database is Loading and after a couple of seconds or so it will show that it has Loaded.